Fleets and Fortunes is a turn-based, strategic conquest board game.

Each player commands a fleet of ships and attempts to conquer territories,
capture privateers, battle giant squids, and defeat rival players. 

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When the game begins, random destinations throughout the board are unexplored and waiting to be discovered. As players capture or destroy territories, giant squids or privateers and reveal new areas, the game’s rules automatically shift from Explore and Expand to Take No Prisoners. With the Take No Prisoners rules in effect, the truce amongst all players ends and players are free to attack, sabotage, and otherwise undermine each other. 

Players battle with a simple rolling mechanic that’s easy to learn and exciting to execute, and victorious ships are upgraded to help players build a strong, formidable fleet. 


Each player can also play epic, card-based abilities to modify enemy attacks or improve their odds in battle. Many maneuvers can be played during enemy player turns, encouraging alliances between rivals to take down common enemies with powerful maneuver combinations.

Player can annihilate their rivals with Coordinated Assault, send enemy ships to the far side of the world with Siren’s Call, or Release the Kraken and sink any enemy ship they wish. 

Brutal combinations of maneuvers await any player with a sharp eye and strategic mind.


Make strategic alliances or embrace your inner pirate and backstab your neighbors. With three ways to win and no ties allowed, Fleets & Fortunes is the ultimate experience for any cunning strategist and aspiring pirate.

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